Abbey Wood escort – What Went Wrong?


How does a relationship goes from hot to cold easily? Asked an Abbey Wood escort from girl. Everything was great, I have a client whom I’ve been dating for the past 5 months. He booked me at the agency at first and we developed into a romantic relationship. We felt very at ease at each other and we even have the same interest, that is why we click instantly.

He told me to quit working for the agency and we discussed our plans for the future together, we’ve spent holidays together. Our relationship seems on the right track and everything is perfect.

Then, suddenly without a warning, he told me that he needs to figure things out and asked me for some time to think and eventually he rarely calls me then stopped calling eventually. I still continued my life working for Abbey Wood Escorts, then one day I tried to call him. I was met with silence on the other end. Then I began to asked what’s the problem? What happened to us? His reply was just absurd excuses about his hectic schedule and how busy he is and he is under stress from work.

I asked why? Why is this happening to us? What did I do? He just simply replied “I do not know” to this day I don’t even know the reason why or what went wrong with my relationship.

I know this scenario is very familiar for some of the readers. I know you can relate on how stunned I am and confused with the sudden change of my interest of my boyfriend. But, after a few thoughts, I realize that what if our relationship isn’t what I though it was? What if there were signs that our relationship is coming to an end and I choose to ignore it, what if there are underlying issues that existed all along?

I’ve asked my friends at the agency if they have encountered such problem as mine. And to my surprise almost all of them have indeed encountered this kind of scenarios in their relationship. The sudden change of treatment in your relationship is not a rare occurrence and most of this short relationship, there is one thing in common, either one of the partner just came from a long term relationship. Probably you’re just a rebound. Unfortunately if the person has been dump, the feeling of low self-esteem kicks in. They tend to find this with other, maybe for my case he booked me because he needs companion.

Often times there is no real closure, especially if the couple don’t have the will to talk through things on what happened in the relationship and what went wrong.

So, how can you handle this kinds of feelings? Well, if you ask me friends and family can console you. And time itself is the best cure.

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