How to Get a Bigger Dick Naturally

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Can you get a bigger dick naturally? Most men that I have met during my time with London escorts, have all had a thing about dick size. Personally, I think that men are just programmed to think about dick size all of the time, they simply can’t help it. I suppose it is a bit like us girls at London escorts, we think about breast size all of the time. There are plenty of ways to increase bust size naturally, but are there ways to increase dick size naturally?

Before you turn to surgery, you may want to explore ways to increase your dick size using natural methods. Turning to surgery can be hazardous. First of all you have the problem with general anesthesia and you also risk infection. Are all penis enlargement successful? No, they are not and this is why I recommend my dates at London escorts to try natural methods at first. I have to admit that many of the men are a bit impatient when it comes down to it. Most of the men I date at London escorts would like to see quick results. Unfortunately, that does not happen when you use natural methods. You really need to be a little patient if you would like nature to take it course.

The first thing you need to do is to check out your diet. Our diet has changed a lot in recent years. Many of the men I date at London escorts eat food which contains less natural testosterone that it did about 15 years ago. Food which can help you to increase your testosterone level naturally will also help to increase your penis size naturally. One of the best foods to do so is steak and red meats such as lamb. I have noticed that more and more men I take out on London escorts business dates tend to eat fish. Sure, it is good for the heart, but at the same time, there are health consequences you need to be aware of when it comes to eating less meat.

Can you take supplements to increase penis size naturally? A couple of years ago, I dated this guy at another local escorts agency I worked for in central London. He used to take a supplement of Horny Goat Weed. After having taken the supplement for about 3 months, he said that his penis had increased both in length and girth. It is the only case that I have heard of when it comes down to it, but it may be a method worth trying when you are not keen to go under the knife.

Are there other methods you can try? Yes, there are other methods you can try. If you are at all concerned about penis size, it is a good idea to ask your GP for a referral to a urologist. He or she will be able to give you advice on how you can increase penis size. There are some conventional drugs you can try, and many of them have been proven to be very effective. As they are very specialised drugs, your doctor will have to assess you for suitability and find out which drug is right for you. Don’t worry too much if you do have a small penis – there are plenty of things that can be done thanks to the miracle of modern medicine.

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