What to Wear In Bed with a Sexy Man

What should you wear when you are in bed with a sexy man? I have always had this passion for bed wear or sleep wear. It started long before I joined London escorts, and at one time, I thought about becoming a bed wear designer. I started to make nighties which I sold on the market but then life took over and started to work for outcall London escorts.

If my parents had not moved away from London, I may have had my own business selling nightmare. Anyway, it is something I will contemplate starting again when I move on from London escorts. However, I have made the most out of my experience, and today I like to advice my girls at outcall London escorts on what to wear in bed with a sexy man. Should you let a man decide? I am not sure that is the right thing to do. But, you could perhaps let him influence your decision of what to wear in bed. Not all men like that traditional sexy look. It is not so rare for a man to get turned on by a shirt from his favorite football club or rugby team. As a matter of fact, both would look great with a pair of stockings. Imagine yourself meeting your man at the door wearing an Arsenal football shirt, hold up stockings and heels… that may just do the trick. Should a nightie be long or short? Most of the time I opt for a short nightie. I think shorter nighties work well for both short and tall women.

One vertically challenged girls at our London escorts service like to wear a pair of silver heeled bedroom slippers with her. It looks really sexy. Also consider leaving your back exposed if you can. Men tend to like the small of a woman’s back. Short nighties are also more convenient in case things get busy. Well, I am sure you know what I am getting at. What about a pyjamas? I am not sure that works but I think that some petite outcall London escorts look really cute in their pyjamas. It is all about what is right for you and your partner. Sure, you can go for the cotton variety, but why not look around for the silky variety instead. Silks have come along way, and today you can buy a lot of silks which are much more easier to wash than they used to be.

You can even put them in the washing machine.But then again, there are some men who think that women should only wear Chanel number to bed. That is nice, but how do you know that Chanel number 5 is his turn on sent if you don’t know him that well. We have got this girl at our London escorts agency who says that you should not go for a perfume at all.

Go for a good quality body lotion instead and then let him catch the scent of your own moist and musty natural odour instead. That I think is ultimately what turns a man on.

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