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Growing up rich can also be a disadvantage for some. Parents that are wealthy often don’t let their child live in the real world. They often shield their children from the world which might seem like a good thing, but in the long run, it can certainly make then weak. Growing up in a poor environment is certainly harsh. Kids that are born in poverty often have to grow up instantly because of the circumstances.

If you want to have a chance at life when you are poor you need to grow up very fast and learn to live in reality. But growing in a low-income family also gives you a lot of disadvantages in life. You may never have the things that you want, or your parents can’t afford sending you to school. But if you do succeed you will always remember how hard it was for you in the beginning while the people who grow up in rich families will never know the feeling of living with no food and no shelter. Some kids may turn out to be very spoiled and arrogant because they are rich.

They don’t know what the value of money to some people because their parents have always shielded them from all the financial burdens. But you can’t always ignore the reality. Somehow those people are going to learn the lessons that poor people have already learned. Rich or poor you still have to be on the right path. Taking advantage of your position is always the key to success. When your poor you can always use your position to grow as a person more rapidly. Growing up poor will still make you humble even though you already have reached your dreams in life. When a kid is rich he has to take advantage of his family’s money.

Going to expensive schools and colleges will surely help you a lot in the future. Only a few people get to have that chance. If you don’t take that advantages, then you may end up being sad in the end. But no matter how you mess up in life there is always a chance to get back up. If you are still alive and breathing, you can ever do good on life. There so much time for a man to learn from his mistakes even if he messed up a lot of times he can surely be successful one day also if he had a lot of setbacks. Growing up is a big deal to anyone because you can book London escorts. Some people wait patiently until they are old enough to book London escorts. That’s how good London escorts are. visit London escorts £99p/h, quality cheap London escorts agency

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