What is a healthy sex life?

Having a healthy sex life is good for us, but how do you achieve that. I meet at lot of gents at London escorts who would love to improve their love lives, but most of them are not prepared to make an effort. The truth is that you do need to take an active interest in your health if you want to enjoy a good love life. Personally, I have lots of different techniques that I recommend to my gents at London escorts, but I am not so sure that they always listen.

The first thing that you need to do is to try to lose some weight. I am sure that many of my gents at London escorts are very keen to lose weight, but they seem to be doing precious little about it. Cutting down on fatty meats can really help you to shed the pounds, and I have noticed that a lot of my escorts in London dates do not eat that healthily. Most of them eat out a lot, and fish dishes are seldom on the menu. They certainly do eat a lot of things like steak, and that is not only a fatty meat, it is a very rich meat as well.

Also, you need to watch your sugar intake. Too much blood sugar can seriously affect your libido, and I have to say that this is something which is seldom mentioned in the press. As my dates at escorts in London dine out a lot, they also drink a lot of alcohol. Well, if you want to have a healthy love life, you also need to watch your sugar intake. I have tons of friends outside of London escorts who have developed prediabetes. That is the first sign that your blood sugar is too high.

So, what is a healthy love life? I think it is normal for most people to make love at least three times per week. Speaking to my girls here at escorts in London, it is clear that most of them make love to their boyfriends at least three times per week. I think that this is rather a healthy way to look at your love life, but you should not aim for a particular goal when it comes to love making. One of the girls here at London escorts tried to do that with her boyfriend, and it killed his libido. Putting pressure on a partner is never a good thing.

I love to have a good time, and a healthy sex life is important to me. If you really want to enjoy a healthy love life, you need to focus on your health. I always try to focus on my health as much as I can, and I am sure that this is one of the reasons I feel good about myself. When you feel good about your body, you tend to make love a lot more. I am not sure that we can all adopt that mind set, but I think that we should at least try.

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